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Okay so I confess – I went and bought a Kindle. Just a bog standard one. (Well, there was an offer on!)

I’ve been experimenting with it for the past few weeks and I admit it’s not as horrendous as I imagined. It doesn’t give me a headache which is good. I can download books instantly, which is great. Some of them are quite cheap, which is also great. It’s not particularly heavy in my bag which is good for my shoulder. It’s okay, really. I’ll use it.

But I have some gripes!

First, you don’t know which exact page you’re on, which I can imagine would be tricky if you needed to cite a reference (that’s the librarian in me).

Second, every formatting error shrieks at me from the screen (that’s the proofreader in me), and I’ve encountered a lot of errors so far. Grrrr!!! Grumpy face.

Third, the default when you connect to Amazon seems to be that the “Buy” button is highlighted so I’ve accidentally bought quite a few expensive e-books by pressing the button for a fraction of a second too long. Good job you can cancel orders or I’d be broke…

Fourth, you cannot read on a Kindle and eat an orange at the same time. You get splatter on the screen which is then on every page. You can’t just turn a page over and the stain goes away….

Fifth, you can’t read it in the rain while waiting for a train. A water-damaged paperback I can read and throw away. A fused Kindle, not so much.

Sixth, and perhaps the most serious problem…. People talk to you less. Random strangers don’t ask what you’re reading. They don’t ask if it’s good. They don’t offer their interpretation of it or give you a spontaneous review. They don’t even spoil the ending for you.

Reading becomes less social.

Some people might prefer it that way, but I like the bizarre conversations reading a book can provoke. So while the Kindle will stay in my bag, it will stay in my bag, if you get me. Print is still my first love.