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I couldn’t wait to read this, I’d enjoyed In The Woods so much! And the same held true for The Likeness, which was a great lunchtime read that totally absorbed my attention.
The plot is a little unlikely but if you can go with it, it’s a corker. Cassie Maddox spent some time as an undercover cop going by the alias Lexie Madison. Now a dead girl has turned up – not only is she physically identical to Cassie, but she’s also carrying an ID bearing the name Lexie Madison…. Cassie’s boss, Frank, sees this as a perfect opportunity– spread the story that the girl survived, and put Cassie undercover again as Lexie, to live her life and find the murderer. Cassie can’t resist, and before long she’s living a student life, sharing a house with four friends. But did one of them kill her doppelganger? Cassie starts to get inside Lexie’s head, and as she does so, she starts to lose more and more of her own identity, forming bonds with her housemates and forgetting her boyfriend Sam. As danger gets ever closer, Cassie is playing a deadly game – will her cop instincts kick in and save her, or will the murderer finish the job?
It must be intoxicating, to be able to step so completely into someone else’s life, and French depicts Cassie’s state of mind very convincingly. It’s one of those novels you just get lost in, taken over by the characters, who are all drawn very well. And the killer? Well I was totally wrong, but you can’t win ‘em all! Rating: ****
Hodder, 2009, ISBN 9780340924792